Tarot/Oracle Readings

Card Reading either Oracle or Tarot guided by Psychic/Intuitive Readers.

This wonderful service gives the client insights into Career, Health, Love, Business and many other areas of life. 

  • 30 min - $80
  • 60 min - $120

A tarot/oracle reading is a form of divination where a deck of cards, typically tarot or oracle cards, is used to gain insights into the past, present, or future aspects of a person's life. Each card in the deck holds symbolic meanings and can be interpreted by a reader based on their intuition, knowledge of the cards, and the specific spread or arrangement used.

Many people turn to tarot or oracle readings when faced with important decisions or uncertainties. The cards can offer guidance and alternative viewpoints, assisting individuals in making informed choices.

We have both verbal, written and video tarot available at Infinity Spiritual Centre.

  • Janet-Louise

    I am an energetic person yet have an air of calm and peacefulness that helps clients to feel at ease and relaxed in my presence. I have been spiritual my whole life and operating my business for over 25 years.

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  • Stacy

    I've been doing Tarot and Oracle readings since 2015, although I have always been very connected to different forms of spiritual work.  My readings offer you guidance and direction, insights into the future, and advice on steps to take to help you on your journey.

    My readings are also available as 3/6 or 12 month forecasts.

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  • Annie

    My life motto echoes this sentiment: “Seek what brings you joy and do more of that.” I have been connecting with Spirit and Divine Intelligence for over 25yrs, providng guidance and wisdom in many different forms.

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  • Mark

    I use the Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck which I have a strong intuitive connection with, and I communicate with my spirit guides during sessions for a more customised experience. I have just finished a degree in Psychology which enabled me to better understand the human psyche and the nature of relationships. This coupled with my own experience helps me intuit how your tarot reading relates to you.

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  • Lucille

    I have over 14 years experience in my spiritual practices, using the 36 card Lenormand Oracle deck with a specialisation in Tableau (extended version). This is a popular fortune telling card system in France and Europe in the 18th century. 

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  • Quartney

    With over 10 years experience I am able to guide both experienced individuals and those just starting out with ease & style in a fun loving way. I am also a qualified life coach practitioner who can bring a unique perspective to each session.

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