House Clearings/Land Clearings

Do you have unwanted energies or spirits in your home, work space or land? We work with the Highest Good and Light and Love to remove these for you.

  • 60 min - $150

This sacred practice goes beyond the physical realm, delving into the energetic essence of spaces, be it a home or land. Experienced practitioners use ancient and intuitive methods to cleanse and purify the energy, removing any lingering negative imprints, stagnant vibrations, or disruptive influences. By harmonising the spiritual energy within these spaces, individuals can create a sanctuary of balance and positivity.

  • Janet-Louise

    I am an energetic person yet have an air of calm and peacefulness that helps clients to feel at ease and relaxed in my presence. I have been spiritual my whole life and operating my business for over 25 years.

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  • Annie

    I've done house clearings for many years and the common theme is more often than not it is the humans in the home that need the Spiritual advice/ support to adapt to the presence of whomever may be present in the Spirit world. Sometimes the home needs balance and clearing of clutter using Feng sui techniques to assist the process.

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  • Mark

    I have worked with universal energy for almost 30 years. I have cleared all negative energies from my socialisation and am a clear conduit for energies to flow from spirit.

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